4 Different Core Thematologies

More than 40 different subjects-specialties 

Workshops in the English language are organised as part of the 16th International Forum. You can find out more about them and their thematologies here.

  •  Core of Theoretical & Clinical Tutoring

Welcome to the Core of Theoretical & Clinical Tutoring. Our workshops provide a once-in-a-lifetime hands-on experience on preclinical and clinical knowledge. Realistic scenarios and situations that you will probably encounter during your career as healthcare professionals are just around the corner. Your participation is more than desirable!

  •  Clinical Skills Workshops

The Clinical Skills Core includes a series of Workshops that aim to teach the participants practical skills that will be necessary for their medical career regardless of their chosen speciality. With a purely practical orientation, smal-group-teaching (according to Peyton's 4 steps) and hands-on training are the 2 cornerstones of this Core's Workshops. The participants will have the opportunity not only to practice in a clinical skill but also get familiar with medical tools and equipment..

The big team of the 28th SCHMS Clinical Skills Core is waiting for you...!

  •  Core of International Certifications Workshops

It’s a pleasure to introduce the enriched core of International Certification Workshops. These workshops constitute a collaboration between S.S.H.M.S. and Panhellenic, European and American organizations. The participants will have the opportunity to train and cultivate useful practical skills under the guidance of experienced trainers. After the successful attendance of these workshops the participants will be granted a certificate from the accountable organizations.

  •  Core of Soft Skills & Social Emergencies

We are thrilled to welcome you to the brand new series of Workshops “Soft Skills and Social Emergencies”! Through a series of cutting edge, interactive workshops, participants will have the opportunity to learn how to work with patients who belong in sensitive population groups, they will be familiarized with everyday situations in the life of a doctor that require social awareness  and will gain valuable medical as well as life skills. We are inviting you to join this brand new section of the 28thth SCHMS that is an actual projection of a contemporary view on Medicine itself!

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