Aimopetalio is a non-governmental, non-partisan, non-profit association, licensed by the First Instance Court of Athens. It is run by volunteers who study at the University of Athens and its purpose is to introduce the subject of voluntary, non-remunerated blood donation, haematopoietic stem cell donation and organ donation, as well as volunteerism in general, to university students and the local community.

Since its foundation in 2002, the team has been organising and coordinating at least two two-day or three-day blood donation events, each semester. The blood collected is managed by the National Centre of Blood Donation; Aimopetalio does not run a blood bank.

Furthermore, since 2010, it has been involved in raising awareness on haematopoietic stem cell  donation and registration in the National and Global Bone Marrow Donors Database.

Last but not least, Aimopetalio has participated in panhellenic conferences on blood donation, educational programmes in schools across Attika and philanthropic marathons.

Greek Pharmaceutical Students’ Federation is a non-profit, non-governmental, non-trade union organisation in which undergraduate and postgraduate students of Pharmacy as well as doctoral candidates participate. The vision of the association is to represent each student of Pharmacy in Greece and to promote cooperation, interdisciplinarity and awareness of students and the community.

The mission of the association is to participate actively at student and professional level and its main purpose is to encourage students to take action in their scientific and social interests but also to inform them about the latest medical and pharmaceutical achievements, new fields of research and applications of modern technology in science. At the same time, it aims to strengthen relations with other voluntary groups operating both in Greece and at European level through communication and cooperation in matters of common scientific or social interest and noble rivalry in the scientific arena. Finally, it gives great importance to the participation of Pharmacy students in programs aiming to inform the public on issues of hygiene, prevention and treatment, with the aim of improving their quality of life.

Greek Pharmaceutical Students’ Federation

European Law Students' Association (ELSA)

The European Law Students’ Association is the largest, international, independant, non-political and non-profit organization, which is activated in 44 countries and 432 Universities, with over 60.000 members. ELSA Greece is the ELSA branch in Greece, with local departments in Athens, Thessaloniki and Komotini and with over 1,000 members.

With a vision of “a just world in wich there is respect for human dignity and cultural diversity“, ELSA Greece works by offering to the legal community and, especially to young people, legal and academic events and activities of a high standard and prestige such as the National Moot Courtl Competition under the auspices of the President of the Hellenic Republic and various scientific Conferences.

Society of Junior Doctors (SJD) was founded by medical students and young physicians from all over Greece in September 2009. SJD addresses to medical schools’ graduates, residents, specialists, medical students, health professionals and the general public who envision the path to knowledge via the ancient Greek saying: «In unity we stand strong».

SJD’s mission includes:

  1. SJD’s members’ care through the organization of Scientific Meetings, Conferences and Educational Seminars, as well as members help towards their professional success through the advancement of medical knowledge, networking opportunities and advice from senior members.
  2. Patients’ Care. We aspire excellence in the delivery of high-quality health care. Maintenance of mutual trust in the patient-physician relationship through volunteerism and charity work. 
  3. Advancement of Science. Expanding the horizons of medical knowledge and advancing medical science through education and research. Help our members to keep up with the knowledge explosion in medicine.
  4. Promoting Cooperation. Enhancing effective communication, respect, and solidarity among physicians. Enhance relationships with renowned physicians and scientists who share commitment to high-quality healthcare.
  5. Serving the community by volunteerism, charity, and educational workshops. Partnership and affiliation with other non-profit organizations in order to reach out to a broader community and provide service programs.
  6. Contributing to the creation of scientific publications, through commitment to research and raining of junior doctors. Publication of scientific papers in internationally renowned medical journals.

Society of Junior Doctors


ADSA is a non-profit, non-partisan association created and formed by students of the Athens School of Dentistry. Its goal is to organize actions of a voluntary and social nature.

HelMSIC – Hellenic Medical Students International Committee is a non governmental, non-profitable, students’ organisation, which represents medical students across Greece internationally since 1958. HelMSIC consists of 7 local committees, one in each Medical School of Greece and takes action in 6 focus areas, which are Medical Education, Professional Exchanges, Research Exchanges, Public Health, Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights and Human Rights and Peace.


iGEM Greece

iGEM is a global non-governmental organization aiming to promote new and innovative ideas in the field of Synthetic Biology.

  • iGEM Athens: Once again, students from the Universities of Athens collaborate on the creation of an interdisciplinary team, aiming to participate in the iGEM 2022 Competition, the biggest and most recognized synthetic biology competition internationally! Οur team consists of seven undergraduate students and three graduates from the departments of Medicine, Pharmacy and Biology of the National & Kapodistrian University of Athens, the departments of Chemical Engineering and ECE of the National Technical University of Athens and the department of Biology of the University of Patras. Our team is the fifth iGEM team that will represent Athens at the iGEM competition. What unites us is our love and passion for science and research, hard work and of course the enthusiasm for being part of the dynamic worldwide iGEM community. Our goal is to conduct an innovative research project. But also, we aim to communicate our work and Synthetic Biology to the public.
  • iGEM Crete consists of the following teams: Dry Lab: develops the website along with the team’s blog and our new logo and analyses experimental data using calculating models. Fundraising: approaches companies that wish to support our project and undertakes bureaucratic procedures. Human Practices: connects our project with society by interacting with experts and the public. Wet Lab: designs the project’s experiments and their laboratory implementation. Social: publicises our results, providing the viewers with stimuli for critical thinking. Advisors: provides feedback for the project, making sure that all protocols are properly followed.
  • The iGEM Ioannina team was created in 2019 in order to represent the University of Ioannina in the international iGEM competition. The first participation was in November 2021, where the team was awarded with the bronze medal. The newly formed iGEM Ioannina 2022 team so far consists of students from the Department of Biological Applications and Technologies, the Department of Materials Science and Engineering and the Department of Architectural Engineering of the University of Ioannina. Continuing the effort of previous years, it aims to solve modern problems, utilizing the techniques of synthetic biology.
  • iGEM Thessaloniki is a multidisciplinary synthetic biology research team, founded in 2017. Since then, it has annually been representing the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki at the International Synthetic Biology contest, iGEM, where it has won several medals. This year, our team consists of 10 ambitious students from the Departments of Medicine, Pharmacy, Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Mathematics, Chemical Engineering, and Agriculture. We are passionate about science, aiming to confront challenges and to advance the Science of Synthetic Biology! Our vision is to invent the solutions of tomorrow, by contributing to great global challenges through the uniqueness of synthetic biology.
  • iGEM Thessaly is an interdisciplinary team of young researchers from various Departments of the University of Thessaly and was founded in 2019. The aim of the team is to participate in the iGEM competition. iGEM Thessaly, participated in the competition in 2019, 2020 and 2021 and won a gold medal for 3 consecutive years. In addition, the team received distinctions and nominations for special awards. This year the team from the University of Thessaly, iGEM Thessaly 2022, will compete in the Environment Track aiming to tackle the rising threat of eutrophication in natural ecosystems and human life.

MedHub Athens

MedHub Athens is an initiative created by greek medical students with the purpose of expanding greek medical student community’s knowledge over the ever-growing field of Βiomedical Εngineering.

Combining the process of BME educational research with that of acquiring technical skills, we aim at breaching the gap between engineering and the medical/clinical approach, so that we, as medical students, can have an active say in all these breakthroughs, stemming from the amalgamation of these two sciences which are occurring more and more every day.

Meds CAN (Medical Students and Junior Doctors against Child Abuse and Neglect)

The Meds CAN team (Medical Students and Junior Doctors against Child Abuse and Neglect) is a voluntary group of medical students and junior doctors, non-governmental, non-profit, and is under the auspices of the Child Safety Care Unit of the 2nd Department of Pediatrics of NKUA at the Children’s Hospital “P. & A. Kyriakou ”, with scientific director Ms. A. Soldatou. The aim of the group is the development and execution of research and educational activities in order to inform and raise awareness on issues of child abuse and neglect.

One Health Lessons 

One Health Lessons is an organisation that inspires children and adults around the world to value the interconnection between the health of humans, animals and the environment.

Our Vision: To change societies to create a more sustainable planet.

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