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The SSHMS, Chapter of Athens has a long and rich history of active and massive participation in all Panhellenic activities. Active members have frequent meetings in order to discuss and plan future events, activities and internal internal affairs.

Δράσεις Παραρτήματος Αθηνών

Every year the Chapter of Athens organises a variety of hands-on seminars which provide students with the opportunity to acquire useful clinical skills. Furthermore, we organise multiple events aiming to educate or inform, where we discuss current medical topics and dilemmas, such as the specialty selection process, bioethical issues and medical taboos.


Some of our long-standing or highly impactful activities which are worth highlighting are:

This historic seminar is organised in conjunction with the Laboratory of Anatomy and the Department of Surgery of our Medical Faculty. Every year more than 100 students are trained using specially processed raw material, under the guidance of experienced surgeons-educators,and thus acquire a useful skill for every future doctor.

B.LA.S.T. is a seminar designed to educate students on the basic principles and techniques of Endoscopic-Laparoscopic Surgery. Participating students get to practice with the laparoscopic tools in specially designed simulation stations. The Course is held in conjunction with the Hellenic Association of Endoscopic Surgery (HAES)..

Hide & Sick is an Emergency Case Management Simulation Seminar where students are trained in the differential diagnosis and therapy of clinical cases which are simulated by student-actors who, under the guidance of our Professors, mimic the symptoms of the patient. When it comes to student-actors, getting in the mindset of the patient and accurately imitating the clinical presentation of the disease requires deep understanding of the topic and helps them better understand the challenges of everyday clinical practise.

This team is a recent initiative of the Chapter of Athens in conjunction with the Hellenic Anticancer Society aiming to inform and promote awareness regarding cancer pathobiology, prolepsis and management and thus, to provide patients and their families with support.

Beyond Science is a series of interviews in the form of a Podcast which aims to bring to light to the stories of inspiring people, who, with their life works, their approach to medicine and their personal journeys inspire us, medical students.

For more info on the Chapter of Athens, press here.


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