The first iteration of the SCHMS & International Forum medical Escape Room is now a reality. Our guests will have the opportunity to participate in solving one of 2 scenarios inspired by actual cases mixed with modern and vintage pop culture elements. The escape room structure puts the participants to the test, requiring fast and critical thinking, as well as application of their medical knowledge and practical skills. What’s more, the intensity, atmosphere and mystery afforded by the scenarios acts as a blood-pumping break from the proceedings of the congress.

Participants will have the opportunity of taking on either the true Crime Scenario on Friday, or the Science Fiction Space Emergency on Saturday and Sunday.

Finally, one group of participants for each scenario will be awarded first place, based on whether they managed to escape within the shortest time and with the most efficient methods.

In order to participate actively in the Escape Rooms that the Organizing Committee has prepared for you, stay tuned in the SCHMS social media (Facebook, Instagram etc.), so that you find out how immersive learning, differential diagnosis and mystery can be combined in one Game.

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