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The Scientific Congress of Hellenic Medical Students (SCHMS) is an annual event, first introduced in 1994. Each year since, it is hosted by a different Chapter of the Scientific Society of Hellenic Medical Students (SSHMS).

It is the gemstone of SSHMS activities which provides the opportunity to thousands of students from Faculties of Medicine and Health Sciences to expand their knowledge and develop their skills in various fields of medicine. Participating students are able to present their scientific and research work either by oral presentations, e-posters or -even better- by getting involved in student round tables. They also get to cultivate valuable practical skills and soft skills, as well as broaden their scientific views, by taking part in a variety of interactive or hands-on workshops. Finally, the SCHMS is an excellent opportunity for socialising with fellow students, young doctors and inspiring professors.

SCHMS is among the timeless conferences of the country and one of the biggest student events. Through the years, it has been honoured by the presence of world-renowne.

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