Dear Speakers and esteemed guests,

The 2021 will be marked as a challenging year, which saw the Organising committee of the Scientific Society of Medical Students - Chapter of Ioannina- working with consistency, creativity and efficiency to bring to us the SCHMS in an online format for the first time in its 27-year history. Now, the time has come, once more, for Athens to host this great medical student event, with its 28th version being held in May 2022.

It is a great pleasure and a particular honour to welcome you to the 28th Scientific Congress of Hellenic Medical Students & 16th International Forum of Medical Students and Young Doctors, which will take place 13-15 May 2022, at Crowne Plaza hotel in Athens..

Aspiring to live up to the high-standards set each year, our aim is to organise a Congress of high scientific content, with active participation of medical and multidisciplinary students. With its bilingual format, the Congress traditionally addresses both students from all Greek medical schools and students from around the globe. Once again we are proud and honored that we will be hosting esteemed guests who, with their life’s work and their speeches, inspire us to continually evolve and -why not- to contribute in advancing Medicine to the point of our abilities, as students and young health scientists.

Multidisciplinarity, interaction and active participation are the 3 basic pillars which we wish to bring to light at this year’s SCHMS, envisioning to set the stage for fruitful exchange of ideas and for the creation of opportunities, brought by students for students.

This year’s innovations include the addition of Debates and Round tables with participants of different Universities, the introduction of Immersive learning-Gaming, Live Surgeries and workshops organised around 4 different core thematologies - Core of Theoretical & Clinical Tutoring, Clinical Skills Workshops, Core of International Certifications Workshops, Core of Soft Skills and Social Emergencies -. With that in mind, the 28th SCHMS promises to be a first-of-a kind opportunity.

The multitalented Organising Committee of the SSHMS Chapter of Athens will bring together their strengths, their colorful personalities and their creativity to create this unique event.

So, let this three-day Congress be a crossroad of thoughts, ideas, knowledge, inspiration and a motive for personal and scientific evolution.

With kind regards, eagerness and enthusiasm,
On Behalf of the Organising Committee of the 28th SCHMS,
Panagiota Diamantopoulou,
6th Year Medical Students NKUA,
President of the Organising Committee of the 28th SCHMS

This year’s keynotes
  • Public Health
    • With societies becoming increasingly diverse and spatial barriers more and more elusive, it is obvious that when it comes to communicable diseases patient health is interlinked to wide population health. No doctor can remain indifferent towards public health policies.
    • As our capacities for preventing disease grow, all physicians should become advocates for prevention.
    • Infectious diseases, chronic diseases, mental health disorders affect us all, but they affect us unequally.
    • With health disparities becoming increasingly prominent at the same time that we have impressive new capacities for tele-communication and remote health services emerge, we have an excellent reason and no real excuse why not, to be interested in learning and becoming proactive about public health.
  • The future of medicine
    • Big data, Artificial Intelligence, Omics technologies: How will  these rapidly progressing technologies shape the new research and clinical landscape? How far have we gone in incorporating them in everyday clinical practice and where do we go from here?
    • What is the future of medical education? How can we adjust our learning to these rapidly changing conditions? What can we do to stay afloat in this sea of information?
    • In the machine-driven future do the traditional methods of history taking and clinical examination have a place and how?
    • With the new capacites unlocked by the latest technological advancements for innovation, communication and interdisciplinary collaborations, what are the new challenges and problems to tackle? 
  • Advancing Clinical Medicine 
    • At the end of the day, what is the imprint of all these technological innovations? Are we successful in incorporating them in order to advance clinical medicine?
    • On the final day of the Congress we will try to answer exactly that, by navigating the latest advancements in some of the Clinical Specialties, such as Oncology, Pulmonology and Neurology (Stay tuned to find out the others which will be soon revealed, along with our final program).
4 Core Thematologies

"Lets discover them!"

Clinical Skills
International Certifications
Crowne Plaza hotel, Athens



More opportunities for active participation

World-renowned Scientists-Speakers

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For any questions or further details do not hesitate to contact us! The Organising Committee is at your disposal!

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